Cherished Memories
Cherished Memories
Perfect Bound Softcover
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CHERISHED MEMORIES is a poetic history of a loving family spanning six generations from the mid-1850s to the present. Love, romance, humor, joy, sadness, loss, and survival have fifi lled my years. Then, ultimately, contentment is mine. Everyday happenings and surprises are the inspiration for the poetry within these pages. My book is an optimistic view of the tapestry of life. I hope my poetry brings you joy.

My Treasures


The power of the written word!

Poetry is ambrosia for the heart and soul;

By far my favorite poems are the 1000 or more

Love letters written to my Mom and left on her pillow.

What a joy to wake up to such a wondrous love!


The Beach


Unnoticed, water lapping at my feet,

I did not feel the sand between my toes.

But for gulls’ cries, isolation complete.

Then I saw you. What wonders God bestows!


How could I know the first day that we met

Our lives would change forever, Dearest One?

Your shy glance, my smile in return: Kismet!

Our fates were determined, intertwined, done!


Friends, now lovers; passion fills day and night.

You’re the brightest star in the galaxy.

Soul mates for life through blessings or through plight.

My Darling Girl, you mean the world to me.


Life is full of Joy with you by side.

I cherish the day you became my bride!

LYNNE G. SCHWALBE was born in 1936. She grew up in Los Angeles, graduating from Fairfax High in 1953. She attended Los Angeles City College until her marriage in 1954. Retired, she lives in Burbank, California. Her first book of poetry, A Smile Gives You Shivers, Still, was published in 2005.


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