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Destiny is the coming-of-age story of Richard and Rachel. They are twins who were separated in a tragic car accident resulting in the death of their mother while they were still toddlers. Raised separately in very different settings, they are reunited at age eighteen. The story unfolds with the truth about the events of that long-ago day; along with their lifelong friends Lisa and Ryan, they find adventure, mystery, and love that overcomes all.

Romeo looked around the room he had loved less than twelve hours ago and felt very lonely but not alone. He turned on the main light and the sudden brightness made him close his eyes for a second while they readjusted. He went to his closet and reviewed his choices of attire for the evening. This was usually the highlight of his ritual. It was like being an actor. He could put on any disguise he wanted and people would only see what he wanted them to and nothing more. Tonight nothing called to him. He decided to take shower in hopes that the hot water would relax him and put him in a better frame of mind.

The hot water felt great as it pounded out the tension in neck and back. He enjoyed taking hot showers. Feeling hands move over his body it did not matter if they belonged to him or someone else. The desire to be touched and held was deep seated in him. He had craved it for most of his life and by God he deserved it!

Cheryl Samuels is a sixteen-year veteran of the US Army currently employed with the Department of Veterans Affairs in San Diego, California. She is a wife and mother of three, with two granddaughters. She has lived a very interesting life due to her heritage of Cuban and Creole parents. She loves karaoke and has been a lead and backup singer in several small bands. Her hobbies include reading, music, drama, writing, and APA pool league. She is in the process of starting a small business as a Sisterlock Consultant and enjoys grooming and training her four dogs.

She starting writing her autobiography more than twenty years ago for personal therapy and found a new outlet. At the suggestion of a coworker, she began writing Destiny, her first attempt at fictional writing and the embarkation of a new career as an author.


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