Ponder and Wonder
Ponder and Wonder
Poems and Inspirational Thoughts from My Heart
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This collections of poems and inspirational thoughts explores author Paulette D. Holmes’s life struggles, revealing how God always steps in, works things out in her life, and gives her the strength to carry on. Her prayer is that all who read her work may be encouraged. You are not alone! God bless you!
Sucker Punched by Satan Unprepared for the fight, I stepped into the Christian ring to stand and fight for my eternal soul, trying to do battle on my own. From my corner someone yelled duck, but I was too late; Satan jabbed me in my one good eye. The blow was so hard I took flight and landed on the stool in my corner as the bell rang out to end the round. Sobbing like a baby as my corner worked on me, I said, “Where’s the towel? I give up.” I tried to climb out of the ring before the next bell sounded, but someone said, “You can’t give up now; Jesus is on your side.” As they pulled me down off the ropes, I said, “Where are my shoes? Someone answered, “In the middle of the ring. Go get them.”
Paulette Holmes was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is a mother of two sons and a grandmother of three grandsons. Paulette is a fighter; she is a survivor of rape as a child and was once held hostage in her home. She designs greeting cards and is often asked to compose inspirational papers for others. One of her regrets in life is never finishing high school; it is her plan to go back and get her GED. Paulette is currently working on her next two books.

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