Such Great Recipes
Such Great Recipes
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“Evelyn is an outstanding cook. Her food and presentation is always impressive. She was our first choice to cater both rehearsal dinners for our sons’ recent weddings. As we expected, our guests raved. Trust Evelyn for tasty recipes with guaranteed results! ” —[Mayor] Scott & Ellen Korthuis, Lynden, Washington

“Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of enjoying a wide variety of amazing dishes prepared by Evelyn. Fortunately, I teach nearby where she conducts her cooking classes, so I’ve been treated to dozens of culinary delights created by Mrs. Hoefakker and her students. I have also been lucky enough to attend several functions catered by Evelyn, and the food is always perfectly prepared, wonderfully presented, and packed full of flavor! Now if I could only convince her to become my personal chef, I’d have it made! ” —Scott Noteboom, Teacher

“Evelyn and good food go hand-in-hand! From catering formal events to whipping up a quick snack she always has something amazing and delicious! She’s my go to girl whenever I need an idea for an appetizer for a social event or just some inspiration for something simple yet tasty. I am excited to see all her fabulous recipes and helpful tips all in one place! ” —Julaine Groeneveld, sister and friend

Food. Such a simple word yet so complex. The right foods will have you excited to cook them, anxious to eat them and result in a combination of beautiful presentation and fabulous taste. People use many different forms to express themselves. For me, that form is food. Creating the recipes in this book has been a way for me to express the love that I feel for my family and the joy that I feel when teaching cooking classes to school children. You will find that the recipes call for ingredients that are familiar and accessible. Many people find comfort in eating foods that are familiar to them and when the food is familiar, the plates empty quickly! Throughout this book we explore the concept that "Cooking is a feast of the senses!" Feasting on the beauty of the food, feasting on the wonderful aromas they produce, feasting on the hum of the mixers and the sizzling in the pans, feasting on the feel of perfectly formed dough rolling under our hands and the best part of all.... Feasting on the delicious results of our efforts. The colorful photos spread throughout the book will entice your senses and tempt you to try your hand at some fun, creative and delicious recipes!

Evelyn Hoefakker, a cooking instructor, caterer and mom of six, uses her love of cooking, baking and serving as an opportunity to show her love to others. After many years of prompting from students, friends and family, she put a selection of favorites into her Such Great Recipes cookbook. Evelyn’s website,, started out her journey of recipe writing, and introduced her daughter Katie to food photography. Katie soon became intrigued by food photography and remains a willing and eager assistant!


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