The Black Blood
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Marcus is a young man with questions his mother isn’t ready to answer. Like why is he so strong, and why is he being hunted by demons. Follow Marcus as he begins a long journey figuring out who and what he is.

Marcus turned to make sure nobody was listening to their conversation. The bus came to a halt in front of their school Pick high school. Marcus and Jesse filed off the bus with the rest of the herd. They joined the crowd of students congregating around the school's flag pole where a black girl with dreads longer than Marcus's wearing a black and red striped skirt with pokey dot stockings waved at them from a seat near the principal's office. Nicky, has always been a bit of pain for Jesse as he uncomfortably watched her crush on Marcus.But why wouldn't she with mocha skin and those model looks Jesse had to admit his friend was handsome. What was crazy was that the hunk was totally unknowing of the girl's crush."Hey, what's up fellows,"Nicky called trying to push out her breasts for Marcus to notice. Marcus smiled at her paying no attention to the girl's actions."Hey, Nicky, did you get that math homework completed,"he asked. Nicky sighed then reached down next to her foot where her book bag sat and opened it pulling out two pieces of paper."I figured you would need help so I went to the liberty of doing an extra set for you,"she said handing him one of the papers. "That's my homie. I.. ,"Marcus was cut off when David came from nowhere and snatched the paper out his hands. "Hey, what the hell are you doing,"Nicky cried. David a blond three hundred pound left guard was joined by four more of his hulking friends. Jesse jumped up and attempted to snatch the paper back but was thrown into some nearby bushes. The days of elementary school being the biggest kid in school were long gone for the dark haired bean pole."Angelou, why don't you fight your own battles, "David called ripping the homework up into small pieces. "Why are you messing with him,"Nicky called but Marcus was already to a face to face with David. "What Mr. too good to play some pig skin you have something you want to say,"David asked. Marcus looked from David to his four goons who stood behind him with their arms crossed over their chest."You boys look like you can take a punch,"before anybody could respond or stop him Marcus pushed David hard in his belly knocking him off his feet. He sent one of the friends skidding across the cement with a well placed kick. He dodged a punch from another of David's friends then returned the blow to the boy's jaw. He rushed another wrapping his left arm around his neck slamming him hard to the ground. Marcus glared at the last one as he stood back to his full height and laughed when the boy ran away. Marcus wasn't surprised when he heard laughter come from his classmates who watched the fight."Hey, Marcus you better get going I can hear principal Walrus stomping this way here,"Jesse called climbing out of the bushes. "Yeah, I'll see you in English, "Marcus turned and ran into the school while everybody broke away when the school's principal Mr. Browning, affectionately nicknamed principal Walrus by the students came charging up. "Where's Angelou I know he did this,"the principal called. "Mr. Browning, I was the one who beat them up. It was self defense, sir,"Nicky spoke up. Mr. Browning looked around at the mass of beat up football players who together weighed a ton and stared at the hundred ten pound Nicky."Ms. Julks you have possibly the highest this school. Please do not insult mine,"the principle said. Nicky and Jesse looked at each other."Well, you're welcome to ask them to tell you who beat their butts,"Jesse said. The principal shook his head giving up the effort to battle wits with the teens."Alright, Mr. Jean see to it that these boys are seen by the school nurse. And watch your language in my presence,"Mr. Browning turned and walked away. Jesse and Nicky took a look at the unconscious boys then walked to class at the sound of the first bell. Marcus sat in his math class playing with one of his dreads while Mrs. Walker talked. Math being his worst subject he leaned on his friendship with Nicky to get him by. He began to ponder a question he had been dealing with for a while now. What is he? When he was younger being stronger and faster than his peers was fun and games. But now that he was older and he couldn't figure why he was different he began to wonder. Then it was the nightmare that also bothered him.His mind was telling him that the nightmare was the clue he needed but there was always parts he couldn't remember. The disgusting man would call him something but he couldn't remember what. The bell rang finally snapping him out of his daydream. Nicky, waited for him at the door a nervous look on her face."Yo, what's wrong,"he asked. Nicky, waited till everybody was out the classroom except Mrs. Walker who was busy tidying her desk and grabbed his hand."I was wondering if you made plans to see that new movie. I heard it's pretty good,"she asked. "Jesse and I are going to watch it as soon as we get the money,"Nicky looked down at the floor. "Well, do you want to go tonight.I'll pay for all three of us to get in,"she told him Marcus grabbed her lifting her off the ground."Nicky, you are the best friend I could've asked for,"Marcus told her. "Great. I'll pick you up at eight,"Nicky ran off without another word bumping into Jesse. "Damn, what did you to her,"Jesse asked. "Nothing, she just offered to pay our way tosee new movie and I told her she was my best friend,"he told Jesse who slapped his forehead. "That girl has had a crush on you since we met her last year.Why is that so hard for you to get that." Marcus looked after at his friend,and pondered the same thing.Now that he thought about Nicky was very attractive and he would love to date her but it was something in the back of his mind that made him think of her as just a friend. The two boys walked to where they would catch a bus when Marcus noticed a man standing against the lockers. He was older in his early twenties with short dark hair and smooth dark skin. He was muscular but lean and wore a red shirt with dark jeans and some red Jordan's. What made Marcus stop to look in his direction was that he was staring at him. The two continued to the bus and the man started to follow them. As they walked Jesse spit out the reviews about the new movie not paying attention to the man. Marcus was starting to get a weird feeling about this as they climbed on to the bus. Thankfully David and his boys had a game tonight and he wouldn't have to deal with them. They took their normal seats together with Marcus sitting so he could look out the window. The man stood plain as day staring at him through the window. Marcus tapped Jesse's shoulder who was still talking about the movie."Hey, do you see that guy standing right there, Marcus pointed. Jesse looked out the window his eyes unable to see the man staring directly in his face."Man I don't see anybody,"he told Marcus. Something isn't right about all this. The bus pulled away and Marcus watched as the mysterious man stood watching the bus leave. "Alright,I'll holler at you tonight,"Jesse told Marcus when he got up from the seat. Marcus hopped off the bus and to his surprise the man with the red jordans was standing a few feet from him. How did he get here so fast Marcus thought wondering if his mind was playing tricks on him. He started walking to the house conscious the man was behind him keeping up with him. This is really pissing me off Marcus thought before he stopped in his tracks dropping his bookbag. Before he realized what he was doing he moved with lightning speed throwing a solid punch at his pursuer's head. He was surprised when the the man caught his fist with ease."

Michael Tunsil is a brand-new author with more books to come. A full-time nurse, he has always had a passion for writing. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida.


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