The nNew Theory of Relativity
The nNew Theory of Relativity
E=nmc2 Not a Godless Theorem
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Seeing E=mc2 easily in the first three verses of Genesis, Dr Joy Snyder, MD began a journey to find how God fit into the theorem of a lifetime. She discovered incredulously that when dividing light from darkness, the result is a godless state ruling on one end of the equation, but then He reappears to right the original theorem-E=mc2 unto himself to E=nmc2. Dr. Snyder proves that God is light, and as such we should not ignore His presence in engineering and mathematical proofs. Dr. Snyder contends that all of mathematics needs to be realigned unto God. God =n, meaning he is unfathomable.

The Theory of Relativity has been around for about a century or more now and has a great reputation for being on its own throne secured and not dethronable. I beg to differ. This theorem works on one level but I will prove that it is a godless theorem not accepting a quotient for labeling God in its theorem and as such is a godless theorem ruling only in the darkness. That we have in fact not tapped into the greater energy resources of God is evident as God is light is written in the Bible. When you stream Einstein's Theory of Relativity it comes out as a little ribbon wave of energy usable by man but when you add God in that stream becomes a flood of Energy that breaks apart all things godless in its path as light breaks the rulership of darkness and joins the rulership of the lesser light of night and floods into the greater light of Day. Let's start with Einstein's original theorem and in the midst we will show you how to define time according to Christ's death on the cross and prove the need for this event in science and then go forward into proving the nNew Theory of Relativity from a mathematical standpoint the correct method for putting the Bible into a mathematically usable state. With such proof of the greater value of measuring in God, we suggest that a new mathematical standard for science and engineering should be put into place, Biblical proofing with Biblical math. Mathematical Biblical proofing would bring the best out of what has been a random process up until now with the potential of reaching maybe even perfection of science and physics unto a realm of God. If we find how God the Creator made things then are we not understanding our world on an eternal level at its most basic of origins, the written Word, and thus tapping into something already proven to work at its optimal level of real. So let's not miss out on this opportunity to build great and better things for a moment of randomly assigned sense of scientific standards of snobbery. With our current measure of success, randomization of ideas lacks a streamlining effect and it has been a near disaster of factions and hoarding of ideas... we didn't get it right the first time , let's move on... together this time with God and his engineering manual, the Bible, at the helm.

Dr Joy Snyder, MD went through medical school and knew there was something of God in science, but it was hard to plug in how the Bible fathoms itself in what we were being taught. As a result of years of study of the Bible for healing practices and other sciences she decided to apply basic mathematical principals to Genesis 1. and discovered E=nmc2.

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