There is Good in My Hood
There is Good in My Hood
A Story about a Day in the Life of a New Image Youth Center Student
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Highlighting how children living in poverty-stricken areas find ways to succeed, even when surrounded by seemingly insurmountable hardships, There is Good in My Hood illustrates the realities of the environment of impoverished families and demonstrates there is always hope, sometimes just around the corner.

Author Dr. Shanta' Barton-Stubbs narrates the story of a young man making decisions that will affect the rest of his life, describing the challenges he faces in realistic and relatable language. It features the New Image Youth Center, a community resource center that can change the lives of families forever.

Based on real stories of real people, this picture book for children also offers poems written by the staff and board members of the New Image Youth Center; the works give deeper perspective about the purpose of the organization.

There's Good in My Hood takes an honest look at how organizations like the New Image Youth Center can affect the lives of kids and families in poverty-stricken areas, as well as modeling healthy decision making.

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Shanta is the Founder of a not for profit organization New Image Youth Center in Orlando, FL. Shanta is also a Licensed Therapist, a certified Success Life Coach and the founder of Under Construction Empowerment Services, a counseling and consulting service that guides individuals to success in reaching their goals.


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