Froggie's Best Friend
Froggie's Best Friend
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Froggie sits in his pond by the tall green grass, wondering who will be his best friend. For advice, he goes to his cousin, a tree frog, who tells him that if he looks closely, there are many friends around who care.

Froggie decides to keep watching for his best friend. As the days go by, lots of animals, birds, and insects stop by the pond, including humans, ducks, butterflies, turtles, and many others. But none of them seem quite right to be Froggie's best friend. Will Froggie ever find someone special to spend his time with?

In this children's story filled with colorful pictures and rhymes, a frog searching for a best friend meets many creatures stopping by his pond and discovers friendship in an unexpected place.

Froggie sat in his pond by the tall green grass. As he looked out over the water, the time did pass. Froggie was trying to decide who would be his best friend. He was looking for someone special, with lots of time to spend.

Raised in Iowa, Jane Goedken has always been a nature enthusiast. With her love of creative writing and passion for photography, she hopes that readers can hold on to some of the joys of life. Jane believes that with reading comes learning and the possibility of letting your imagination take you anywhere. Jane and her husband have two sons, and enjoy traveling and hiking.


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