A Gunslingers Affliction
A Gunslingers Affliction
Exceptional Western Thriller
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Uncontrollable hallucinations, anorexic demons, and revolting apparitions, center stage a period in the 1800's already guilt-riddled with a moral sense of judgment. Ally'all will love A Gunslingers Affliction, never falter, for the moment, antiquity lives in ally'all. Ride along with Frank and Tom McLaury as they discover a mountain from Hell, and gold streaming down for the taking ... except for a horrifying creature thrashing down the mountain HEADING STRAIGHT FOR THEM... Frank McLaury's unique fast draw left a man dead in West Texas. Forced to go on the dodge from the Texas Rangers, posses, bounty hunters, demons, himself, and guilt ... he seeks refuge in the wilderness. Befriended by another desperado likewise on the dodge, saved Frank's sanity. Frank's physical hardship and struggles with confrontations of life in the wilderness ..., beset only by the tenderness of a gorgeous Mexican girl he rescues from a notorious gang of outlaws ... falls in love...
John Wesley Hardin had already killed a man for snoring, and it showed in his demeanor. John Wesley's right hand extended downward fingers elongated - faltered a moment, he approached, and at every step bellowed his rancor, mostly curses. Gradually he slowed his movements, and then reeled twenty-five paces, facing Frank. "Draw - you polecat!" John Wesley shouted, his face gnarled. "What air ya a-waitin' fer?" "You! John Wesley," replied Frank in a controlled tone much like a preacher's plea. John Wesley's right and left hand initiated stiff - his fingers curled - his guns moved... Frank drew his Colt .45 underhandedlike, a draw his father had taught him. Two shots of hot lead sounding almost as one splattered death across the boardwalk. John Wesley's big colts exploded downward from trauma, breaking both his trigger fingers - one bullet scattered the dust at Frank's feet, the other in oblivion...
Ronald Garver is an extraordinary man - an acute bad-ass, and has an odd affinity for kick-ass westerns. Comanche Indian Heritage stirs Garver's blood ‘round. He resides in North Texas where John Wesley Hardin and John (Doc) Holiday lived. Writing for most of his life, numerous books, short stories, and editor of a local newspaper - A Gunslingers Affliction novel blossomed in the traditional dialog of the 1800's... Garver's unique voice depicts a different kind of Exceptional Western Thriller, sending y'all on a mind-trip of terrifying ancient relics, secrecy, and thrilling romance. Y'all will cry a little, yet feel at home on the range...

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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