Towards Thin Air
Towards Thin Air
From Cardiac Bypass to Everest Bypasses
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Vijay Malur looks back at a life filled with happy, sad, depressing, and exhilarating experiences in this inspiring memoir.

Everything for the successful physician changed in 1998 when an accident took away some of his memory and sight. Three months later, he underwent quadruple cardiac bypass surgery.

By taking life one day at a time, he found he could accomplish things he never would have imagined. That outlook was what enabled him in 2003 to scale the base camp of Mount Everest from Lukla after trekking more than seven days.

More than ten years later, he would reach the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. He celebrated his seventieth birthday at the top of the mountain.

If someone who has lost his intellectual memory and faced death can find the will to live and enjoy life to the fullest, then can't you?

Find the strength to overcome any obstacle and stop holding yourself back. It begins with learning the life lessons in Towards Thin Air.

I have gone through the book word by word. Why after all this script came to me? Yes, there is a message behind this task. It is a great experience to scale the Great Mountain with the author, who is honest and no way pretentions.

He has turned as a messenger coming from the Himalayas. I had opportunity to see the original paintings (Himalayan) of Messenger both by Nicholar Roerich and Sveteslav Roerich. They had the same soul searching experience while creating these artworks, as they were part of Himalayas. I see a messenger in real life in Dr. Vijay and I am sure he will touch the life of everyone he comes across.

Prof. Choodamani Nandagopal

Vijay Malur is a physician from Bangalore Medical College, India. In England, he specialized in orthopedic surgery and research. In the United States, he joined the McGuire Veterans Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia, as the unit chief of the Department of Spinal Cord Injury. He went on to establish a sports medicine center in Boston. He could not be stopped by age, a previous head injury or a heart problem from successfully trekking to the base camp of Mount Everest.

I read this book. This is an astounding effort by author Vijay Malur regardless of having heart surgery. His confidence is his mentor as too how much he can embrace. This book defines " how a wonderful man carries on with his life with out dread even though so many hardships comes on this way". Salute to Vijay Malur.
krishna vemula 
★★★★★ from Bellamane Ram on November 5, 2016

Amazing Dr. Vijay

This is a Splendid book. The emphasis is both on physical and mental health.

Amazing Dr.Vijay,was able to do this after a head injury and later cardiac bypass.

Looking at some of the photos in the book, he looks young and energetic.

It is an eye insping to people.
Belle mane Ram 
This Book is a Must Read for people looking for Peace & Contentment for any one in a down cycle in life. Dr. Vijay is an example of someone in life who literally had everything, lost it ALL, but ended up having even more. His book is from the heart and written with complete sincerity. The manner in which he writes this almost makes you feel like you were right there in the majesty and treachery of the Himalayas. The most uplifting part of this book is the manner in which Dr. Vijay shows how we can find happiness with nature - the bushes, the trees, the sky, and the animals – something available to all of us. He is probably happy every day because he is able to turn everything around him into a source of happiness. His book is sprinkled with words of wisdom. Please immerse yourself in this writing and person.

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