The Adventures of Teko
The Adventures of Teko
A Year of Surprises with a Wonderful Adopted Pooch!
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This is an exciting story about a beloved pet in search of adoption. It is partially based on Dr. Ellicott's adoption of her pet named Teko. He was sent to a no-kill shelter in NJ from North Carolina. On his record was written "no room". His date of birth and wt. were alsp on his chart. He was phenominal from day a service dog! He is extremely intelligent and follows commands well. He has lots of energy and channel it well. E.g. he love to hike on rail trails and truly enjoys doggie parks. He's extremely socialable with other dogs and people including children!

Dr. Barbara ideas for this book were based upon her careful, lengthy observations of Teko and his behaviors with certain folks and his attraction to certain trucks, 4 by 4's. His excellent behavior during car rides. His behavior is admired by ALL who meet him and he's allowed in banks, post offices etc. He also LOVE to accompany Dr. Barb on the patios in restaurants! The owners ask him to return!!

Teko, a dog who is lost and lonely and hopes to find a forever home.

Dr. Barbara A. Ellicott is a speech-language pathologist, and has certifications for learning consultant, school psychologist, teacher of disabled. She is also certified as a teacher of psychology, and school principal.

Dr. Barbara is a vegan, loves nature and animals, especially dogs! She is a member & National Ambassador for Committee for Responsible Medicine. She is also a member People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and is one of Dr. John McDougall's ‘Stars'. Dr. Ellicott is a marathoner and triathlete. You can see more on her website


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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