Reflections on Afterlife
Reflections on Afterlife
Keeping the Faith / Rethinking the Myths
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Humanity has always wished for something beyond this life-something greater and uplifting beyond mere mortal existence.

This feeling of longing is often seen as a religiously inspired conviction, and many people see their place in the afterlife as something divinely ordained.

John J. Kula examines the myths as well as the far-fetched notions surrounding the afterlife in this expansive study that combines philosophy, science, religion and faith. He explores areas such as:

• science and religion and how they overlap;

• modern-day myths about the afterlife;

• psychic phenomena, channeling, and out-of-body experiences; and

• heaven, purgatory, limbo, and hell.

By clearing away the misgivings and confusion that surround the notion of afterlife, you'll realize that it is not like any place on earth. That is part of its incredible mystery.

Take a positive, contemporary view of the afterlife, and look to the theological teachings of today to demystify ancient mythology with Reflections on Afterlife.

The search for life's meaning, coupled with a strong spiritual quest for finding comforting words at life's end is what inspired me to begin a personal search for answers regarding the nature of afterlife - a universal concept in world religions, yet so little understood outside of its religious constraints - still caught up in the web of lingering mythology that obstructed our vision of afterlife.

The search for the meaning of life beyond death begins in this life. Hopefully, that knowledge will help to defray some of the anxiety and fears of not knowing what lies beyond. The afterlife preached by all religions is too small, too self-serving, too narrowly defined in terms of religions' failure to encompass the entire population of not only the earth, but of the entire universe. Why else would we refer to God as the Creator of the Universe?

Since earliest times, man's search for meaning in life has been motivated by a deeply held, primal belief that there must be more to life than just living and dying. With primordial eyes cast upwards to the heavens, observing the vast array of stars, a sense of wonderment, not to mention bewilderment, must have overwhelmed mankind's earliest ancestors. The Divine Plan had not yet been revealed to humankind.

Today, that sense of wonderment has led mankind to worship a higher power, a creator, a master tinkerer who made the heavens and the earth and silently watches over his creation. During this divine vigil, humankind has wandered far from the charted course and has had great difficulty staying out of trouble, frequently engaging in wars, petty conflicts and terrorist violence.

Notions of an afterlife existence were perhaps borne from an empty existential despair - humanity's wish for something beyond this life, something greater, something uplifting beyond mere mortal existence. To study afterlife, one must examine all the myths and far-fetched notions surrounding it. Once all the misgivings are cleared away, we can begin anticipating afterlife as a place unlike anything else on earth. That is part of its mystery and its elusive nature.

Human life is a manifestation of a love far greater than what we can ever imagine. Some might regard this feeling of longing and uncertainty as a religiously inspired conviction.

John Kula brings a timely perspective to the many ideas surrounding the subject of afterlife. As a former seminarian, he brings insights from theological and philosophical viewpoints into play. As a knowledgeable science enthusiast, John addresses the ongoing debates between religion and science that began long ago with Galileo and continue today. John has been actively involved as a music minister, choir director, and organist for many years with the Catholic Church.


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