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Farmer Jeff needed some feed for Sassy and Sissy, his two Leghorn chickens that have had a home on his farm for a long time. At the store, a cage of chickens caught his eye. One, in particular, kept pecking at him. Impulsively, Farmer Jeff purchased the six-month-old Barred Plymouth Rock chick and took her home. Cookie became a member of the farm family.

But Farmer Jeff soon discovered there was a problem with this sweet new chicken. After being cooped up in a cage, Cookie didn't know how to walk, and she didn't do all of the things most chickens do like scratch the ground and peck for bugs. Farmer Jeff and his trusty dog, Harley, devised a plan to help Cookie learn how to be a chicken

A picture book for children, Cookie shares a heartwarming tale of how friends work together to help a new chicken overcome challenges.

After a few days Farmer Jeff thought back to the day he bought Cookie and brought her home. She was in a cage with lots of other chickens. When Farmer Jeff bought Sassy and Sissy they were in a pen with plenty of room to walk around. They adapted easily to the other animals Farmer Jeff had in the barnyard. Maybe Cookie had been in that cage for so long with all those other chickens that she couldnt move around and forgot how to walk.

I was born in California and raised on a farm. I've always loved animals. I also enjoyed English and writing in school. The two came together at my home in Texas. I am a nurse of twenty-eight years, and I've had no credentials as an author until now.

Cookie is a precious true story of God's creatures working together helping each other! The real pictures are beautiful, attention-grabbing to the nonfiction. Enjoying keeping one Cookie to read & share and giving other Cookies as priceless gifts! Has been a true joy to see this life story come to life through Wendy's labor of love for life, animals & people, especially little ones - children, that is!!
Paula Fleming 

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