A Road Less Traveled: And Not for Just US
A Road Less Traveled: And Not for Just US
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For much of my life, I believed the lack of detailed information about the early years of the life of Jesus of Nazareth was a major cover-up. I believed it's suppressed because it did not fit the story being sold. Over the years, I have come to believe in a more refined truth. It does not exist because its retention was not important at the time he lived.

By the end of his ministry of about three years, what passed on in oral tradition-shepherds who became kings-had their stories told and written down. Seen are the results of the work of carpenters and masons, but their lives were not. How a man grew from being a child to boy to man was not as important as the results of his life. We were told a descendent of Abraham met God at a burning bush; we know little of how he got there.

Victors write history. Victors do not include what does not support what they wish were known. To purposefully exclude first requires that there is something known.

I wrote a book that has my answers to my questions I have asked over the years. I tell people that I could be like Clark Kent but never a Superman. I am from Earth, not Krypton. Similarly, I can be like Jesus of Nazareth, but could never be a Christ.

I hope I will cause you to think about life and love.

Both are precious to me, and I hope you have an abundance of both.



The weather had passed, but the roads were hardly better. If people would give, a day or two, conditions would have improved faster. Men being men and unwilling to wait; the road remained a long muddy quagmire. I offered Saul a place to stay until the situation improved, and he accepted. With Reelaiah, tending to her work Saul and I talked. I asked him about his mission to the sons of Abraham.

He told me he had first heard of the heresy from a man who live in a small village in the north. A man from Nazareth named Anaharath had informed the officials of the Temple in Jerusalem about a man that was claiming to be the Messiah, the deliverer of the people from the bondage of Rome. The High Priest had investigated and through the Roman Governor had dealt with the man by having him crucified at Golgotha and the blasphemer punished. Members of his small following had stolen the blasphemer's body and now they were claiming that he had arisen from the dead.

How could that happen, I asked, a man crucified died knowing that his body would never be buried. The only way a body left a cross was from the total decay of the body. The man's body would fall piece-by-piece long after death. There are ravenous dogs were known to avoid these "free" meals.

According to Saul, the Kings activities that gave rise to unusual events. The King delayed in his travel by his sedan chair to Jerusalem, with the coming Sabbath and Pesach to boot, would not make the palace before sundown if he followed his usual route. To shorten his travel time would require him to pass Golgotha. The King did not wish to view the true nature of Roman Justice. The Roman Governor, asked to take action that the King not be offended; the order went out that all the dead and dying visible from the road were to be removed from their crosses and for the disposal of their bodies. The body of this would be "King of the Jews" was among those removed.

To add to the blasphemy, one of the Pharisees had given his unused tomb to one of the female followers.

The author was raised believing that "If you know the Truth, the truth will set you Free.

As a recipient of three First Place awards for out takes on this book, it appears that other people agree that some fiction is easier to accept than some truth.


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