The Master Within
The Master Within
Missions of Agent Mantis
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In this day and time, with our society in mind, everyone needs to know some self-defense: women and men have a great need for this martial science, children as they are growing up and maturing to serve in our society today; as well as in our homes, businesses, and out in the world so that we will all be safe. It is also, of course, great cardio for our physical health as well as endurance, balance, and peace of mind, body, and spirit. This book is to enlighten the reader and to inspire them about the effectiveness of kung fu and ninja training throughout our lives. You will also be finding yourself reading many fascinating stories. Some of the stories in the book are inspired by true events, and some come from within the mind of the master himself. I have also included punches, strikes, kicks, and routines that are well broken down for the student of kung fu and you, the reader. I also included escape routines and defense against some weapons.

it starts out with a ninja in japan who's father gets murdered and he goes looking for the killer, and ends up killing 40 or so drug dealers, to try and find the drug dealer that killed his father, and gets caught bu the FBI agent Mantis who offers him a job with the FBI, or go to prison , he takes the job and both of them start training together and tracking down all kinds of criminals and arresting then and having a lot of fights with them, as they also work out a lot together, Agent Mantis teaches him a lot of kung fu and his ninja style.

I have studied five kung fu styles for forty-four years, and ninja style plus several karate styles since the age of seven. I've taught for thirty-six years combined-some in the special forces in the army and lots of law enforcement and some FBI agents and lots of normal people. I earned my eighth degree black belt a few years back and was granted the title of grand master of our style after my grand master passed away. In 1998, because of cancer, with all my training and studying, I decided to write this book and maybe a couple more books.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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