The Blue Car
The Blue Car
A Trilogy
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The seeds of careers are planted early in life. One can easily identify with the characters in "The Blue Car" and their individual plights in seeking lifetime careers. Nothing comes easy. The obstacles encountered are realistic and trying for each. They face some difficult choices. Their situations are intriguing. The characters in each story are uniquely entwined. As their stories unfold, the results that tie them together presents an interesting twist that affects all of them.

Three individuals are pursuing their career dreams. Their goals, obstacles and difficulties are reflected in their endeavors. How bad do they want their dreams to come to a desired conclusion? Follow them as they each have to make difficult choices.

The characters in the book are uniquely entwined. As their stories unfold, the results present an interesting twist that has an impact on all of them.

While working in accounting for a manufacturing company, Frederick Bruce pursued his education and graduated from Northwestern University's School of Business. After a few years, following his graduation, he entered the world of self-employment. He became a consultant to small businesses. The clients ranged in size from one to ten people. Many of the clients had unique skills in their trade, but limited skills in management, marketing, taxes and accounting. He worked with them in these areas to enable them to stay in business.

His consulting career consisted of working with these clients to help them understand that their skills in their specialized talents were not enough. They had to "wear all the hats" in order to stay in business.

Wrapped up in these individual endeavors are the dreams, frustrations and achievements they encountered. Working with these clients gave Frederick Bruce the knowledge and understanding, on an individual basis, of what it takes to succeed. It uniquely qualifies him to tell their stories.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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