More Plants Please
More Plants Please
It's Simple and It's Worth It
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After being urged by several clients and friends to write a cookbook, here is Kayla's collection of her favorite and easiest plant-based recipes. She was inspired to write a book in which the recipes contained ingredients that are simple, affordable vegan and free of gluten, added sugar, and oil but with all the taste. In this book, she also tells her inspiring story of navigating the plethora of misinformation about what is healthy and what diets will result in weight loss. Reading this book will save you from wasting time, money, and stress in the trial and error process as you try to find a sustainable way to lose weight, feel and look your best, and lower your risks of developing a chronic disease.

My approach is to consume whole foods in ways that I enjoy them, not to seek vegan versions of animals foods like meat and dairy. Let me explain. Firstly, to gain the most health benefits from plant based eating, you must eat the unprocessed or minimally processed version of the food. For example, oat groats is totally unprocessed raw oatmeal. Steel cut oatmeal is the raw groats chopped finely and rolled oats is the groats rolled flat with a hot roller. Then you have instant oatmeal which is semi cooked-and often ruined with chemicals, (referred to as flavors) preservatives, sugar, salt etc. I typically eat steel cut or rolled oats as those options are very minimally processed. Oat groats is great if you soak it for several hours before preparing it. These versions still contain the fiber and minerals naturally occurring in the plant. When you eat a veggie burger made from black beans, quinoa and veggies you are eating those unprocessed foods combined instead of a frozen boxed burger with 38 ingredients. Many of the meat substitutes are loaded fillers and chemicals to make their textures and tastes more similar to meat. This is hardly ‘healthy' as far as I am concerned. This leads me to the second reason I promote whole foods over processed ones. If you truly want to make this lifestyle permanent, you have to let your taste buds get reintroduced to natural flavors of these foods and learn or relearn how to enjoy them. There are days I actually crave raw salad.

Kayla Gorrell is a plant based expert who has helped dozens of clients improve their well-being through individual coaching, workshops and online programs. She holds a certficiate in Plant Based Nutrition form eCornell and is a certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutriton. She is also a group fitness instructor who mainly teaches spinning/indoor cycling, a yogi and a former distance runner. She will make your transiton to a whole foods plant based diet simple and delicious. Her clients are often surprised at how easy and satisfying her recipes are. They also love the volume of food they can eat, so hunger is not an issue. Quite a few of them decided to either be fully plant based or to at least incorporate more whole plant based foods into their diets.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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