You're Welcome, Purdy High!
You're Welcome, Purdy High!
Wacky Tales from a Small-Town High School Girl in the Early Sixties
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This book is for anyone seeking a laugh-out-loud read. Through hilariously funny, far-fetched escapades, a teenage girl recounts her high school years while, at the same time, reveals small-town life in the early sixties. This is a delightfully wacky and engaging romp back in time!


One glorious day Miss Corey informed us that we were done with basketball. Good! There'd been way too much running and sweating for my liking. Instead we were going to learn the difficult, yet wonderful, skill of archery. I, personally, was thrilled beyond words! I'd been developing my archery skills since fifth grade, at which time I'd received a little bow and arrow set for Christmas from my favorite uncle, Uncle Chester. I figured I was unbeatable, having shot arrows into the pine tree on the side of our house on many occasions. One time I missed the tree and hit the kitchen window instead, which caused my mom to overreact. But that was just once and my mom had been a good two inches away from where the arrow hit. However, Kitty Shrub, my friend since junior high, bragged that one of her uncles, who went by the unattractive (in my opinion) name of Otis, was a competitive archer and had taught her everything he knew. Humph!

"So you think you're better than me, huh, Kitty? Well, let's just see about that. How 'bout we have a little contest, just the two of us, to find out who the better archer is!"

"Oh, you don't scare me, Trixie. I'll gladly compete with you. Uncle Otis says I'm the best he's ever seen for a girl my age."

How unseemly. All that boasting. You'd never catch me talking like that.

"Well, Kitty Cat, my uncle Chester who's a plumber ---- and a darn good one at that ----says I'm the best he's ever seen for a girl my age. And he's the one who gave me that bow and arrow set for Christmas, so he ought to know! Not only that, but Uncle Chester can wiggle his ears. Can you wiggle your ears, Kitty? I can! I stand in front of the mirror practicing, but the only way I can get them to wiggle is to keep my emerald green eyes closed good and tight, so I never actually see them wiggling. I can just tell by the way the inside of my head feels. Can you do that, Kitty?"

Kitty refused to acknowledge when she'd been beaten. Her stubbornness was turning into a very undesirable quality. "Trixie, since you seem to think you're as good an archer as me, even though I always hit the tiny center circle, whereas you can't hit any part of the target, let alone the bullseye, let's do this. Let's each get one of our friends to put an apple on her head and we can shoot it off, just like William Tell. You do know who William Tell is, don't you, Trixie?"

"Yes, I know who William Tell is, Kitty. Any nitwit knows William Tell invented the bow and arrow so he could steal from the rich and give to the poor! Now, who wants to be my helper?" Several girls scattered behind the trees bordering McNultie Field, the area where we were honing our archery skills.

Trixie Poor graduated from high school in 1965. Immediately following graduation, she left her small hometown in Arizona and moved to Paris, France, then on to Geneva, Switzerland, where she studied at l"Alliance Francaise and worked as a governess to become fluent in French. After a year abroad, she returned to the United States to attend Arizona State University, where she graduated with a B.A. in Education, majoring in French. She taught high school French for many years before following her husband's and her dream of living in Hawaii. They moved to Kona when their only son left for college, eventually becoming a physician. Missing the Mainland, she has recently settled in San Antonio, Texas with her husband of forty years and their four cats. After retirement, Trixie decided to give writing a whirl. This is her first book.

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