The Sun (Son) Rises Above the Earth's Aura
The Sun (Son) Rises Above the Earth's Aura
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My goal is to convince you, the reader, to take the time to smell the roses, witness the miracles of nature, and permit science to be your best evidence of a higher being without interfering with your current or preconceived notions about your Creator.

Your beliefs and your image of God should be left in tact, your faith reinforced by all that you see, hear, feel, and experience in a world made for you by your Creator, not likely the result of some big bang or evolutionary theory of biological evolution, but the product, the result if you will, of a mastermind who meticulously invented, designed, and cultivated the blessing we all share which is life.

So, without my burdening you with volumes of verse and verbiage, let me stimulate your thought process in as few words as possible and share with you common questions, experiences, and observations. Just as the Bible rambles on without apparent literary transition, I will follow the writing style of the prophets who wrote each scriptural proverb and verse in the greatest story ever told (the Bible). Perhaps we'll recognize that we are all here for a reason and that we share a world that we can identify with, and somewhat comprehend, in the context of the mystery of what we understand or don't understand.

In this time of turbulence, with world tensions, terrorism and the unpredictable economy affecting us all, it is important that we not let negative environmental factors take control of our lives. Rather, we should focus on the big picture, which takes in the silver lining of every gray cloud. It is imperative that we not take for granted our surroundings, those daily occurrences in nature such as the change in seasons, the blazing color of autumn leaves, the falling manna of snowflakes in winter, the warm sun against our cheeks in summer and the glorious array of aromatic blossoms in the spring. Just as we daily take notice of the ever-changing patterns of weather-from cooling rain showers to the warming sun, from hot summers to cold winters-we must learn to appreciate everything in nature that conjures up emotion, from nostalgia to elation. There is a bright aura circling Earth, tenuously separating our planet from the dark recesses of outer space. While watching an IMAX film at Cape Kennedy in Florida, I was transfixed by this border between life and death, as seen from satellite reconnaissance in space. It appeared like a halo surrounding Earth's circle, a vulnerable umbrella that, if ever expunged, would expose us to outer darkness and the absence of life. The movie expounded on how precarious our life on Earth has become, with the imminent threats of global warming, the deterioration of the ozone layer, the pollution of our water, air, and other pristine areas, and the negative influence of uncontrolled emissions from industry and automobiles. It was a sobering thought that compelled me to write this book. In this book I articulate Albert Einstein's theory that stars are our looking glass into the past because they reached their demise millions of light-years ago and are only images of their prior existence. I examine the miracles of nature whereby the caterpillar metamorphoses into the butterfly. I discuss how the brief lifespan of an insect is, to it, tantamount to our human years, and that in an eight-hour dream, as we sleep, we can experience a lifetime, just as in a two-hour movie we can vicariously experience the passing of life's adventures over decades. I address how we live and die within our life cycles analogous to the seasons – with spring, as life's beginning, summer as life's prime, fall as a time for reflection and winter as life's end. It is akin to infancy, adolescence, young adulthood, middle age and old age being separate lives. In each case we live that phase and then are reborn into another chapter of life. So we must witness the plethora of nature's miracles-the birds, flowers, trees, storms, lightening, rain, snow, animal life, fire, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other natural phenomena-regardless of our beliefs or non-beliefs, religious denominations or agnosticism. I became strongly aware that there was a power beyond any of us when I witnessed an autistic child, blind and deaf, portrayed on a television documentary one evening. He played piano selections from Mozart and Chopin without ever having seen the musical scores before, and I cried. Seeing insects and lizards dancing across the water's surface also has convinced me that nothing is impossible. We all must recognize that there is something operating in this world that is greater than us, something to be revered and marveled-and something that should give us the faith to sustain our everyday lives. We don't always have tangible evidence, for seeing is not necessarily believing. We cannot see microscopic life, but it is nevertheless there. And we cannot see the wind, but it kisses our faces and rustles the leaves on our trees.

Frank Young is a graduate of Georgia State University whose professional career included Georgia Public Television (PBS Network), Georgia State, and Reed Elsevier (global publishers). He has always been awed by Nature and has sought answers to our existence on earth and for what purpose. As a former researcher he is convinced that the best scientific testimony to Creationism are the plethora of Nature's miracles. He is a member of The Georgia Association of Retired Educators and is married to Rosemary Dashiell-Young to whom he has dedicated this book.


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