Author Interviews

Not Like the Others—Harley’s Story
Denise Gruzensky describes her experience working with LifeRich Publishing, an imprint of The Reader's Digest Association, Inc., to publish "Not Like the Others: Harley's Story, Having a Pet with Special Needs."
Cultivating Generosity: Giving What’s Right, Not What’s Left
LifeRich Publishing author Rem Stokes tells how he began his journey to self-publish "Cultivating Generosity.
Author Nicole Meyer Talks about Her Cookbook “Cups, Sticks and Nibbles”
LifeRich author Nicole Meyer talks about the inspiration behind her cookbook “Cups, Sticks and Nibbles.”
The Traveling Apron Cookbook"
Author Aimee Broussard talks about her journey to compile recipes from cooks across the country in "The Traveling Apron Cookbook"
Not Like the Others: Harley's Story
Denise Gruzensky talks about the motivation behind writing her children's book, Not Like the Others: Harley's Story.
The Adventures of Gum: Bummer Summer
Julie Brothers talks about her book "The Adventures of Gum: Bummer Summer," where her inspiration came from and what writing was able to do for her.
Reading Champs by Rita M. Wirtz, MA
Seasoned reading specialist Rita Wirtz shares a commonsense, time-tested reading guide that offers a step-by-step approach for successfully instructing the fundamentals of reading to readers of all ages.